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Airtel Ghana Award winning CSR Company of the year has partnered with a Local recycling company called Akosombo Paper Mill, a leading producer of tissue papers to collect and recycle waste paper generated by Airtel Ghana.


The sustainability initiative falls under Airtel Ghana’s Flagship Internal Corporate Social Responsibility project called make a Difference Day (MADD), which encourages its employees to get involves in their local communities by identifying and supporting sustainable projects within their communities or lending a hand towards a charity project which they are passionate about.


Akosombo Paper Mill will collect the paper through one or more of its logistics partners and will recycle them into speciality paper production at its plant in Akosombo. Airtel will support this and utilize its concepts across the value chain in order to make its suppliers and venders aware of this new opportunity. The initiative will increase the recycling options available in the market and will help divert paper waste from landfills and other dumping sites.


“Thanks to the collaboration, this program will offer end-users an opportunity to increase their overall environmental performance” says Michael Sarkodie, Managing Director of Akosombo Paper Mill. “Such programs also reinforce the position of paper as a uniquely sustainable material for tge country” he added.


Airtel Ghana supports this initiative, as engaging its employees and value chain partners in driving self-sustaining waste recycling programs. The initiative is a comprehensive recycling program that makes recycling and waste reduction options available to all employees.

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